Emplas Smart Lock Composite Doors

Emplas Composite Doors

The Emplas Composite Door is stunning by design and gives your home excellent performance features too. This Composite Door range supplies you home with high levels of thermal efficiency, approved security, and smart lock features taking your home into the 21st century! The smart lock features let you know if you have locked your door or not, there is a whole section below explaining all the excellent features of your smart lock composite door!

We understand that design is important when it comes to your front door, that is why we can create a fully bespoke design of the composite door that will transform the entrance of your home. Choose from a full range of premium, standard and RAL colours, hardware options and various decorative glass designs too! The composite door is also available in different styles too, so we are sure we have the right design for your home.

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‘Make your Door Smart Secure’

Our composite doors have been reinforced with a GRP skin which can protect your home against the elements. The Emplas composite door collection provides your home with a minimum B WER rating, helping to improve the performance of your home. The components that are put together to make our composite door collection offer high levels of security, and have an increased resistance against unwanted or forced entry.

You can also upgrade to include the Kubu Smart Lock System too!

Emplas Composite Door Prices

Three Benefits of an Emplas Smart Lock Composite Door

Emplas Composite Door

Transform your Home

The bespoke design of our Composite Doors means you can create the perfect look for your home. Choose from our stunning range of colours and hardware choices to suit the style of your property, the ideal fit for both traditional and modern homes.

Emplas Smart Lock Composite Door

Durable Design

The reinforced GRP Skin, can not only be customised to match your needs, but it will also protect your home against the harsh British weather. Our composite doors are fully weatherproof against the wind and rain keeping your home dry and warm throughout the year.

Smart Lock Composite Door

State of the Art Smart Locking

Our Composite Door Collection had paired with Kubu Smart Locks which will tell you if your door is locked or not. If you leave the parameter of your home and the door is unlocked, you will get a reminder to head back to lock your door! Keeping your home safe and secure!

Kubu Smart Lock

Emplas have teamed with Kubu to help create a stunning and secure composite door for your home. The Kubu Smart Lock System can tell you if your door is locked, or unlocked, and will remind you to head back to lock your door before you leave for the day. The Kubu Lock works with Alexa and your Smartphone so you will always keep your home safe and secure. The Smartlock is super quick, easy to set up and simple to use! You can check the status of your front door at any time of day, no matter where you are.

Kubu Smart Lock Composite Door

Ask your Alexa if your front door is locked and it will tell you the status of your composite door! You can even check back through the history on your app for when your door was locked and unlocked! If you are a busy bee and sometimes forget to lock your door on your way to work, don’t worry, the Kubu app will send you a ping reminder when you leave the parameter to remind you to go back and lock your door. You can even set a daily reminder on your app to tell you the status of your door, set it just before you normally head upstairs to bed so you can always be secure in your home.

The components of your Kubu Smart Lock System all add up to create a state of the art locking system for your home. Never worry if you have forgotten to lock your front door again! Check out the Kubu Brochure below to learn about all the gadgets and features that are included with this Smart Lock system!

Emplas Smart Lock Composite Doors Prices

Our Smart Locking Composite Doors are a great way to keep your home safe and secure. You will never have to worry again if you locked your front door behind you or not!

You can design your perfect Composite Door with our online quote engine, and you get a free, quick and instant quote in return. You can also leave us a message or give us a call on 0113 257 8933 and our team will be on hand to help you!

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