Composite Doors Collingham

Composite Doors in Collingham

If you are looking for replacement timber doors for your Collingham home, our composite doors might be ideal for you. These doors are highly resistant to the wear and tear that affects wooden doors. Moreover, our doors can mimic the woodgrain texture so convincingly that even you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. They are crafted using an amalgamation of materials, so they aren’t susceptible to rotting or decay. They also don’t stain easily, needing just a wipe with a damp cloth to stay clean.

Our composite doors are also superior in terms of security and insulation, giving you a safer and warmer home. The best part is, you get such a vast selection of designs and styles at Select Products that you are sure to find the door of your dreams. This is because we bring you double glazed doors from a variety of sources, keeping in mind the different needs of different properties. Our doors come from two different manufacturers, both of whom have a reputation for excellence.

Composite Doors Collingham

Rockdoor Composite Doors for Collingham Homes

Our first collection of composite doors comes from Rockdoor. These doors give you exceptional value for money for the quality you get. What’s more, there are three separate ranges for you to choose from. Each range has its own set of advantages and qualities. You can even choose the price range, so your doors fit as perfectly in your budget as well as your home.

The three Rockdoor ranges we offer are:

Ultimate Composite Doors

The Ultimate range of composite front doors is excellent for those who are looking for extra security for their Collingham home. These doors feature high-quality, German-engineered locks to give your home complete protection. The best part is, you get to choose from 24 different styles.


Composite Doors Prices Collingham

The Fantastic Features of Rockdoor Composite Doors for Collingham Homes

With our Rockdoor collection of double glazed doors, you get the benefit of technology. These doors are innovatively crafted to give you great thermal efficiency and protection for your home. You even get longer-lasting doors as the Heat Shield technology protects them from damage due to the sun’s UV rays.

What’s more, you get a beautiful palette of 12 colours so you can match the doors to your Collingham home. As a result, the kerb appeal of your home goes up. We also offer a variety of door furniture and fittings, so you can customise your door to suit your taste and aesthetics.

Consort Composite Doors in Collingham

In addition to the Rockdoor collection, we also offer a series of composite doors from Consort. These doors are all-rounders, giving you great qualities in addition to an attractive style. Moreover, you get a spectacular selection of designs. So, whether your home’s architecture is traditional or contemporary, ornate or minimalistic, you will find the perfect style for you in this collection.

These doors from Consort give you impressive security. They feature a galvanised-steel reinforced panel that is durable and resilient. The panel is supplemented with locking systems that are state-of-the-art. As a result, they protect your home at all times.

Furthermore, they come with a timber sub-frame layered in a thermally insulated polyurethane foam core. This makes them extremely well-insulated. They help keep your Collingham home warmer with less energy expenditure.

Thermally Efficient Composite Doors, Collingham

Composite Doors Prices in Collingham

We offer exceptionally competitive composite door prices for our Collingham customers. These doors give you excellent performance at a price that is sure to be within your budget. If you want a quick estimate of the composite door costs for your property, try out our online door designer. Enter your specifications and this clever tool will calculate your quote within minutes. You can even adjust your requirements until you are perfectly satisfied with the price.

If you need any help or expert advice, you can contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs and give you suggestions about your doors. You can even ask us any questions you may have regarding our service or our products. We are pleased to say that our expert team is extremely efficient, giving you prompt and reliable information and service.

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