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Make a lasting impact with composite doors for your home in Moortown from Select Products. Composite doors have an authentic design that has the look of a classic wooden door, but with none of the drawbacks. At Select, we offer Rockdoor’s stunning profiles, meaning we’re a local installer that has leading designs.



Composite doors are an entrance with lasting quality for your home in Moortown. Rather than get moored down in uPVC or timber designs, composite doors help you get the best of both worlds. That’s because they blend uPVC, along with other materials, and a solid timber core in one unique design.

Because of this, you’ll be able to protect the wood from wind and rain. uPVC is weatherproof, concealing the wood from any poor conditions. As a result, these doors are far more durable and long-lasting than timber designs. And, with scratch-resistant GRP in the blend, you’ll get a door that doesn’t need regular cleaning or maintenance!

At Select Products, we offer bespoke composite doors to homes in Moortown and the surrounding areas. We work with Rockdoor, one of the UK’s leading door designers, to offer their superb composite profiles. With three distinct collections available, and a range of customisable options to choose from, you can get a unique entrance that stands out anywhere!

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Benefits of Composite Doors

Composite doors are a brilliant way to enter any home in Moortown. The design has a stunning look, as it replicates old wooden doors. However, instead of dealing with the drawbacks they cause, you get a door that can perform without you worrying about it.

For example, you could be losing a lot of your home’s heat through an underperforming entrance. Composite doors, though, add superb insulation to your Moortown home. Because of this, you can keep cold air away from your home and open the door to more natural warmth. As a result, you’ll be able to save money on your energy bills, and pay the cost of your composite door back over time!

Composite Doors in Moortown

Rockdoor Ultimate

We’ve partnered with Rockdoor to offer leading composite doors for your home in Moortown. Rockdoor have created a brilliant range of options, one of which is their Ultimate collection. These doors are a lasting investment for your home, as they’re highly durable. The blend of materials in the design means the doors won’t wear down for decades to come.

Not only that, but the Ultimate range is weatherproof, as well as air and water-tight. As a result, the timber core inside the door won’t crack or twist, and the door won’t scratch either. Because of this, you can choose a bold RAL colour or authentic woodgrain finish for your door, knowing it won’t fade.

Rockdoor Elite

Rockdoor’s Elite range puts strength and security first. Your front door is the most likely place a burglar would try and enter your home through, so getting a secure design could be vital. Fortunately, Rockdoor’s Elite designs have leading hardware right across the build. That way, you’ll quickly discover why the only way through a Rockdoor is with a key.

You’ll get robust handles, anti-tamper locks and multi-point locking systems that help keep glass panels attached to the frame. Additionally, Rockdoor’s designs can withstand forced entry attempts. That way, these doors can give you total peace of mind.

Rockdoor Select

Rockdoor’s Select range of composite doors is fully customisable for your Moortown home. Why settle for a design that isn’t unique for a home as unique as yours? You’ll be able to change almost every part of your new entrance to suit you.

You could go with period-accurate details like knockers and sleek gold handles, or unique colours and finishes. If you value your security, you can hook up your door to alarms and sensors. Also, you can light up your landing with new composite doors, with the option of stunning side panels that use advanced double glazing.

Composite Doors from Select Products

With Select Products, you can get new composite doors for competitive prices in Moortown. Thanks to Rockdoor, we know we can provide high-quality doors across our local area. Not only that, but we offer a full installation service. Because of this, you’ll get a made-to-measure front door with us every time.

We’re confident in the quality of our composite doors. As a result, should anything not be right with yours, our comprehensive 10-year guarantee will have you covered. That way, you get peace of mind for a decade, with doors that could last you several.

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Composite Doors Prices Moortown

If you’d like to invest in composite doors for your Moortown home, then Select Products is the ideal choice!

You can create a unique door with us in minutes! Use our online door designer to discover our full range, and customise any of our doors to suit your needs. Once you have the right door for your home, we can provide an instant online quote for the design.

Alternatively, you can ask our friendly team any questions you might have about our composite doors. Fill out our online contact form or call us directly on 0113 257 8933 today!

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