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Composite Door Prices
It’s not just our composite doors that are attractive; we also give you desirable composite door prices. In fact, getting your quote is just as easy. Our double glazing prices calculator will provide you with instant composite door quotes. Easy to use, it guides you through the complete quoting process. Choose from an extensive range of composite front door designs and get instant prices for your favourite styles.

Our online quoting engine will provide you with a variety of design options, including colours and glass sizes. We offer a comprehensive selection of double glazed composite doors in all kinds of designs and styles. We offer doors from market-leading manufacturers Rockdoor.

Our stunning doors give you a beautiful set of features, including thermal performance. You can even choose your preferred energy ratings. They are also incredibly secure, so you never have to worry about the safety of your home and family. What’s more, the composite door prices are so competitive that you will get fantastic value for money.

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Quality Composite Doors in Leeds

Our established company have been installing composite doors in Leeds for many years. With extensive experience within the industry, we offer our customers a highly bespoke service. Each door is individually tailored to your specifications. When you choose a composite door from Select Products, you can be sure it will be a perfect fit.

With three ranges available in the Rockdoor collection, you can easily find the right door for your property. What’s more, our attractive composite door price quotes include the stylistic choices you make. As a result, you can choose the colour, finish, and even the fittings of your front door.

Why Choose Our Composite Doors?

Insurance Backed Guarantee. Comprehensive Guarantees. Even with the low composite door prices, getting a new door can be a significant investment. You don’t want to risk your money on a new product that may or may not perform.

At Select Products, we understand this. This is why we offer an insurance backed guarantee through HomePro. As a result, you can be sure that your front doors will last, and give you high performance the whole time.

Durable. One of the most significant advantages composite doors have over other doors is the fact that they are made of a variety of materials. As a result, you get all the benefits of the individual components with none of their flaws. One such quality is durability and resilience.

These doors often have a solid timber core that is wrapped with insulation and clad with a hard-wearing uPVC exterior. As a result, these doors can resist damage caused by physical force. Moreover, the weather-resistant UPVC skins protect the doors from the ravages of the weather. It seals the doors from moisture and heat, so a composite door from us will never warp or swell.

High Security Locks. No matter how low the composite door prices, you would not opt for doors that don’t give your home proper protection. Security is incredibly essential for any homeowner. This is why we take the safety provided by our doors very seriously.

We fit our composite front doors with high-security locking systems.

Bespoke Designs. Choose from our extensive range of styles & designs. Each door can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. You can decide the colour and finish of your door. Additionally, your composite door prices also include the finish and style of your door furniture.

Energy Efficient. Our composite doors are incredibly efficient. Designed with excellent thermal properties, they will ensure your home is kept warm whatever the weather. These doors usually come with a polyurethane insulating sub-layer to give your home improved insulation. You will notice a difference in the comfort of your home almost instantly.

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With our composite front doors, you get great features at a great price. What’s more, getting your composite door prices is incredibly easy with us. Use our online composite door quote generator, and get instant, no-obligation prices for your composite doors. The tool will prompt you, and you can enter your requirements. You can choose the style of the door, the colour, the security features and much more. It will then give you your composite door quote which you can adjust until you are satisfied. Since it’s so easy, why not get your composite door cost estimate now?

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