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Make a lasting investment with composite doors for your home in Middleton from Select Products. Every one of our entrances is as unique as your home is, and you can design it to your precise style and specifications. With Select, you’ll be working with a local installer that has leading designs, courtesy of our partnership with Rockdoor.


With composite doors, you can transform your Middleton home. Rather than the middle of the road, you’ll get a door design that’s top of the pile. Composite models are unlike timber and uPVC doors because they use more than one material.

In their innovative blend, you’ll find both wood and uPVC, as well as GRP, a protective coating to deal with poor weather and wear. The uPVC and GRP can conceal the timber inside them from wind and rain, meaning it won’t crack or twist. As a result, your door can last for decades without needing maintenance, and you’ll retain an authentic timber look the whole time.

At Select Products, we’re proud to have a partnership with Rockdoor, a leader in composite door design. You can select an entrance from one of their three unique collections, giving you the choice you need to add a unique door to your home.

And, if that’s not enough, there are plenty of bespoke colours, finishes and accessories to choose from to create the door of your dreams.

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Benefits of Composite Doors

Composite doors are a brilliant investment for your home in Middleton. You’ll get an entrance that looks superb, with an authentic timber design that comes in a variety of colours and finishes. However, once you open the door, you’ll be entering a warmer, more comfortable home.

That’s because composite doors use a blend of materials in a durable structure to give you outstanding insulation. You won’t have to waste precious energy anymore – or lose it through an underperforming entrance. Composite doors can do a lot of the work of your home’s central heating, meaning you can stop paying as much for it!

Composite Doors in Middleton

Rockdoor Ultimate

Rockdoor is one of the UK’s best for composite doors, and their designs could transform your home in Middleton. They offer three collections, starting with the Ultimate range. Rockdoor’s Ultimate doors are an investment built to last, with fantastic durability.

A lot of their long-lasting performance is down to their weather protection. Thanks to the uPVC and GRP inside the composite blend, rain and wind won’t damage the door, or so much as scratch it. You’ll be able to protect the timber within, helping you maintain its strength for decades to come.

Rockdoor Elite

Rockdoor’s Elite range of doors put security and safety first. There’s nothing more valuable than feeling safe inside your home, and that’s why Rockdoor’s designs use the latest hardware to keep burglars out.

You’ll get robust handles, anti-tamper locks and toughened panels of double glazing, enclosed within an impact-resistant composite frame. Your front door is the most likely place an intruder will try to enter your home, so it’s vital to secure it. Rockdoor’s doors ensure that the only way into your home is with a key.

Rockdoor Select

Finally, Rockdoor’s Select collection gives you all the customisable options you could ever need. When it comes to creating an entrance to your home, there’s no reason you should settle for second-best. Rockdoor’s range of unique colours and finishes stand out on any street, making a lasting impression on your guests.

Not only can you change the colour of your doors, but you can change the whole design, too! You could add side panels to let natural light into your landing, additional security like sensors and cameras, or even a catflap. That way, you can let your favourite furry friends go in and out of your Middleton home as they please.

Composite Doors from Select Products

At Select Products, we aim to give you the front doors – and the service – that your Middleton home deserves. Not only do we supply leading doors that can make good on your investment, but we offer a comprehensive installation service too! Our local, friendly team of experts will install your doors thoroughly, and make sure they are made-to-measure designs.

Additionally, should anything not be quite right with your new entrance, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive 10-year guarantee can give you peace of mind for a decade, with doors built to last even longer.

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Composite Doors Prices Middleton


Are you interested in investing in composite doors for your Middleton home? Then get in touch with Select Products today! You can choose options for the front of your home, or as connecting doors for any room.

To find out which doors work best for you, use our online door designer today! Explore the full range, and customise any design with a range of colours, finishes and hardware. Once you have the specific door that suits your style, we’ll provide an instant online quote for the design.

If you’d like to speak to our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Use our online contact form or call us on 0113 257 8933 to discuss your ideas with Select Products today.

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