Composite Doors Adel

Composite Doors in Adel

With composite doors, your Adel home can get the original timber look without any of the hard work. With our elegant doors, you don’t have to worry about sanding, polishing, varnishing, or painting them. In fact, even with minimal care, our composite doors will continue to give you unbeatable performance. What’s more, they’ll look just as stunning as wooden doors. They will even retain their bright and vibrant appearance, without any warping, rotting, peeling or flaking paint, or even fading.

The best part is, these doors perform better than wooden doors at protecting your home. They also keep it warm and cosy, no matter what the weather outside. Moreover, at Select Products, our range is so extensive that you are sure to find the right style. In fact, we bring you composite doors from multiple reputed manufacturers. This way, you can definitely find the door that matches your needs and taste.

Composite Doors Adel

Rockdoor Composite Doors in Adel

Our Rockdoor collection of composite doors is ideal for those who want quality at a good-value price. There are 3 ranges under this collection. Each range offers its own sets of qualities and advantages. Consequently, you get a wider selection to choose from. Moreover, you can make a more relevant choice for your needs, and your Adel home. The best part is, each door can be tailored precisely to match your home.

The 3 ranges in the collection are:

Ultimate Composite Doors

The Ultimate range of composite doors is designed to give you superior security. These doors feature German-engineered locks that will fend off the most determined break-in attempt. Plus, you can choose from 24 gorgeous styles.


Composite Doors Prices Adel

Advantages of Rockdoor Composite Doors in Adel

With Rockdoor, you get composite doors that are made using the latest technology. As a result, your Adel home starts performing more efficiently. These doors are also quite durable and robust. Thus, you also get a safer home.

The best part is, these doors can retain their beautiful colouring throughout their life. This is due to the Heat Shield technology that protects them from the sun’s damaging effect. Since you get a spectrum of 12 stunning colours to choose from, these doors are sure to brighten your home.

Consort Composite Doors in Adel

Our composite door collection would not be complete without the luxurious designs from the Consort collection. These doors give your Adel home that grandly elegant air. The collection features a whole spectrum of designs. They range from distinctively vintage to sleekly modern. This means you can easily find one that suits your property. Besides, they can be tailored to your requirement with the choice of finish and colour, hardware, and glazing style.

The best part is, they also offer exceptional performance. These doors have bodies reinforced with galvanised steel. In addition to this inherent strength, they also feature high-security, multipoint locks. Additionally, these doors have a wooden sub-frame over a thermally insulated polyurethane foam core. As a result, they give you superb thermal performance.

The thermal efficiency is backed by exceptional weather-protection as well as noise reduction. This makes them ideal for homes on noisy streets. As a result, you can get a home that’s warm and dry. Moreover, it’s also quiet and peaceful.

Composite Doors Adel

Composite Doors Prices in Adel

With the attractive composite door prices that we offer in Adel, you can get amazing value for money. You can choose not just the style but also the features that you require. In fact, you can design your door using our online door designer. Simply put together the design, colours, and qualities you want. Once you’re done, this clever tool will tell you your price estimate. The best part is, you can keep making adjustments to the design until you are happy with both the final composite door configuration and the price.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us. We will gladly discuss your options with you. Moreover, we will give you any guidance or advice you may need to help you choose the perfect composite doors for your Adel home. In addition, we will also answer any questions you may have about our other products or services. We are sure you will love our quick, efficient, and trustworthy customer service in Adel!

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