Consort Composite Doors

Consort Composite Doors

When selecting your composite doors, it’s important to invest in a product that’s not just visually stunning – but has been designed to last and will keep your home warm, safe and secure. The Consort composite doors we provide will enable you to achieve your home improvement aims; manufactured to exceed industry standards, they’re extremely robust – and will work wonderfully as transitional pieces within your home.

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Keep Your Home Safe

Consort composite doors are built using the latest industry technology. Stronger than products that are built from a single material, composite doors are constructed using stringent compression techniques that bind different types of fibre together to create an entryway that’s almost impossible to break in to – which means you won’t need to worry about intruders who might be seeking illegal access to your property.

Because composite doors are strong, they are able to resist even the toughest weather conditions. Rather than worrying about storm damage that might be otherwise expensive to repair, you can rest assured that our Consort composite doors will protect your home from harm. Scratch and crack resistant, they will perfectly preserve the aesthetic appearance of your door – allowing you to enjoy it for many more years to come.

From both a style and practical perspective, you can buy Concord composite doors from us in confidence. Performatively, practically and aesthetically speaking, they’re the perfect product choice for the discerning home owner who wants to add market value to their home, whilst at the same time making a bold design statement. Our composite doors are both practical and individual – meaning you buy in confidence.

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Three Reasons to Choose Consort Composite Doors

consort composite doors durabilityThe Quality’s Guaranteed

When you buy our products, we’ll reward you with a 10-year guarantee that’s fully-backed by HomePro and is built to last.

durable consort composite doorsResistant to the Elements

No one wants to invest in a door product that fades or corrodes. Ours will stay looking fresh and are also easy to maintain.

consort composite door securityMulti-Point Locking Systems

This ingenious locking mechanism is installed in our composite doors as standard to make your home safe and secure.

Designed Around You

Before you invest in Consort composite doors, you want reassurance that they can be fully-tailored to suit your design preferences. From the outset, our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your aesthetic aims and locate a door design that works. The end result will be a composite door that looks stunning and will tie-in with the other home improvement choices you have already made.

Whether your property is built to conform to a classic or modern mould, we can modify your Consort composite doors so that they act as a stylistic continuance of its architectural design. Finding a product that suits the personality of your home can be challenging – but is fully achievable if the right colouring, finishing and panelling options are agreed upon at the beginning. We’ll consult with you to make sure this happens.

The composite doors we provide will also be made to measure. An improperly completed installation can cause a host of expensive and time-consuming problems – including mould, condensation and operational and operational difficulties that make the composite door hard to open and close. Whether you’re updating the interior of your home – or building a conservatory – you can depend on our products to last.

Stay Warm – All Day, All Year

Your Consort composite doors will be a valuable investment designed to last for a long time. From a thermal efficiency angle, our A-rated products will effectively retain heat and block out cold air that could otherwise cause damp-related issues later. Used in tandem with thermally-efficient sliding sash windows, our composite doors will make your living spaces habitable throughout the year and dramatically drive down the ever-burgeoning cost of your heating bills at the same time.

We’ll Get it Right the First Time

Our experienced team understands how to install Consort composite doors. Your made-to-measure products will be carefully installed within current building and health and safety guidelines, resulting in a finished product that will act as an elegant portal into your property. The work will be completed within the timescale originally agreed at the beginning of the project too – so you won’t have to worry about missed deadlines.

Our knowledge and experience are fully-backed by a customer support team that will act as a point of contact throughout your installation. We will proactively update you as the work progresses – but you’ll also be able to call us with any questions. If you’re still not sure whether our Consort composite doors are right for you, please read some of the online reviews posted by our customers on Checkatrade and other review websites.

Consort Composite Doors Prices

For the best local prices, use our free online quote tool. You’ll get guideline prices instantly – and can even request more than one quote if you’d like to make some comparisons.

We would be pleased to help you with any technical questions you may have. So please get in touch using our contact form if you would like some further help from us.

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